Practical not Tactical


"Practical not Tactical"

When I started Patriot Defense, my goal was to teach people how to be proficient when using a handgun for self-defense.  I wanted to focus on safety, basic shooting fundamentals, and move on from there into self-defense type of training.  My focus was on the average Joe; the person who took their kids to soccer practice every week; the person who goes grocery shopping with a pack of kids in tow; the couple that likes to travel and drive around the country in their motorhome; the first time dad with a new baby and wife that he wants to protect; the single woman who lives by herself and wants the security of knowing that she can protect herself if she has to. Pretty much anyone who wanted to take a common-sense approach to learning how to defend themselves with a firearm. By stressing this common-sense part of it, I coined the phrase and developed the business motto of “Practical not Tactical”.zx I am astounded at all the videos that come across my Facebook and Instagram feed on a daily basis. The videos of self-proclaimed operators that strap on the first drop leg holster that they can find and then do asinine drills to show off their self-proclaimed skills. Most of these are horrific at the least and dangerous at the most. I have seen people shooting at each other, shooting past each other, and even setting up fireworks to shoot back at them to simulate incoming fire. I do like to see people training as that is the one thing that gets very overlooked by those that carry a gun every day, but let’s use common sense and practice things that are safe and pertinent to developing our skills as a concealed carry holder. Making ourselves look like a Jackwagon does not accomplish this. Horrible videos like this amazing display of idiocracy are going to get someone hurt or even worse killed.

zvLet’s instead focus on things like shooting fundamentals, target acquisition, getting off the X, and drawing from concealment. You do not have to be a tactical, drop holster wearing, Mall ninja to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones effectively. Are there more than just the basic shooting fundaments to learn? Yes there are, but find a competent instructor to teach them to you and not the latest YouTube video. Training is the key. Continuing education is always a good idea. Just make sure that it is safe and practical.

  -Todd Eccles -Patriot Defense