Physical Reliance


“Physical Reliance”

You have taken the time to choose the perfect carry gun. You spent months reading reviews and shooting every handgun that you could get your hands on. You rated them on round capacity, frame size, caliber, reliability, and the ability to conceal. You put in the time, you did the work, and you chose the perfect handgun for you.

You did the same thing when it came to choosing a holster. You weighed the pros and cons of leather versus kydex and IWB versus OWB. You tried out appendix carry and strong side carry. You even looked into ankle carry. In the end you, chose the perfect holster and carry system for you.

Screenshot_1You even put in the time when it came to ammo choice. You tried numerous brands of high priced self defense rounds. You shot box after box of them to find out what your particular firearm preferred. You studied ballistic charts and ballistic gel tests. You picked the very best carry ammo.

You then looked into permit classes and other defensive handgun classes. You asked around and looked for recommendations on who the best instructors were. You spent some money and invested into class after class, after class, after class. You did your homework and educated yourself to the best of your ability and as much as your bank account would allow. You have done everything right. Are you finally ready to defend the lives of your loved ones to the best of your ability? Maybe, but maybe not. You put all the time and effort into purchasing the proper gear and getting the proper training, but what about your personal fitness? Can you make a 40 yard dash across a parking lot to get you and your family to cover without blowing out a knee or having a heart attack? Can you you move quickly and effectively? Can you go from being winded and out of breath to being calm enough to take an effective shot in the blink of an eye? Do you have the strength and cardio to hold your own in a physical confrontation? This is all just as important as buying a gun, ammo, and getting training when it comes to defending yourself and others. I know it is not easy, but it is worth it. Do not give up on your self reliance and self defense journey right before the very end. This is a lifestyle that you live, live it well and to the fullest that you can. It may just save your life someday in more ways than one.

-Todd Eccles

-Patriot Defense